Monthly Archives: January 2015

Main part of my research project is to lead interviews with course instructors and students to find out about their needs and thoughts about the course page system. As I’m far away from everybody all of these talks are conducted remotely by video call. So I surfed the internet for a quick and easy solution to record these calls (audio only, because I’m afraid of big data), so I could transcribe them later. It took me a while, but I finally found a handy solution which worked fine with me and I want to share with you here. (in case you need it once) The challenge is to combine to input sources (the playback from the computer and the microphone, means your and your talk partners voice) into one record file.

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The struggle finishing my blog post titled While getting things not done carries an irony inside I can surely appreciate. But not only is it amusing.
It occurred to me, that I´m far more comfortable in reading in English, than writing in it. (This – of course – may also be part of a more profound procrastination strategy I unknowingly developed) But also I´m still shy about posting at all. I feel doubtful about the meaningfulness of releasing my personal thoughts, experiences or words into the foggy unknown public space or I am even frightened to do so. On the other hand I know very well how much writing can teach you to pay attention to yourself, the situation, or the process you are in. As a German native speaker I´m far from free flowing writing in English. I´m even more accustomed to writing in Russian then in English. Read More