Monthly Archives: February 2015

Still back in the application process for Outreach program I installed Ubuntu on my MacBook. Changing your working environment on a computer seems somehow comparable to moving house (what I accidentally did at the same time) or even more scaring, because more unpredictable. You keep using the wrong short cuts, looking in the wrong place for the right thing or the other way around, or you just have the subtle feeling of being a stranger. but not only I seemed to be challenged with the process of adaptation, as was my computer. Producing colorful spontaneous breakdowns, showing me pictures, which reminded me partly of Op art  back in the Sixties, partly of some other experimental graphic deconstruction. So while annoying me with interrupting my work flow I could not help, but also enjoy these small digital landscapes, traces of some enigmatic errors happening inside my machine. Making it a more non-trivial machine (according to Heinz von Foerster), than I would maybe like it to be. Enjoy a selection:

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