day #1

I took a plane from Berlin via Paris to Boston. This sounds as simple, as it is amazing. Crossing half of the world, investing less than a day in time. First there were landscapes of clouds, hiding if we were flying over land or sea already. But later the sky cleared up and I could see the ocean as far as I could see anything. I was trying to spot a whale (my son told me this should not be a problem, because you can see the fountain from it’s breath), but there were only waves and waves. I could not resist watching a movie with Charlotte Gainsbourg, I passed the movie poster the whole last week biking to my office. But when I watched out of the window the next time, I could see Greenland (the real time flight map was telling me it is Greenland), huge snow- and ice-covered mountains in the distance. And from this moment on, I was the person in the plane pressing its nose against the window, while everybody else had its windows closed and was watching the screen instead. I’m not a frequent transatlantic flyer. I flew only once in my life to the USA before. With my high school English class, about twenty years ago. It’s ok to be amazed. By ring-shaped lakes, snake-like rivers and glossy mountains, by the length of the day (flying with the sun), the seize of the plane and everything else.

Foto 1


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