day #2 – Temple Grandin at the MIT MediaLab

The jetlag caught me. In the morning, I was so excited about all my impressions, I couldn’t wait to write them down. But now my head refuses anything but sleep. Patience. ~

New morning. ~

Yesterday morning Dr. Temple Grandin was in conversation with Rosalind Picard at the MIT MediaLab. This was maybe the most appealing public talk, I attended so far. Temple Grandin, a Lady and a Cowboy in one, is an intriguing straightforward person. The way she speaks, makes me not only think about what she is saying – and this is very worth thinking about it – but also about the way I am speaking. It’s like watching her expressing herself makes lots of the implicit invisible parts of conversations visible. I haven’t seen Rosalind Picard in other public talks. But I would bet she appeared much more confused (but very kind) yesterday, than she usually does. She felt a bit uncomfortable not pulling the strings as she is probably used to. This was not a convention, this was a happening. But Temple Grandin was not provocative in any way, she was just very slightly »playing by different rules«. So slightly that it was even hard to tell, what exactly it was. It was a lot easier to feel it, than to name it. Maybe a slightly wrong moment to start answering (though not interrupting), a way of answering, a frank reply that she does not understand a certain question and else. But more important, than analyzing the tiny interventions Temple Grandin performed, was to sense a completely different atmosphere in the setting and in the audience. An atmosphere much less personally detached or professionalised (what often seems to go along) as we are familiar with in similar settings. An atmosphere, that finally led to the »maybe the best audience-member question ever« – »How do I love myself?«. Thank you Temple Grandin!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-18 um 15.28.23


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