day #3 – It’s cold outside

Yesterday I spent most of my day folding T-Shirts in the fsf-office downtown for a good cause. When I decided to leave the office for a walk along the sea side I was fooled by the blue sky and sunny weather outside and entered the streets with spring-like expectations. Instead I was hit by a polar-like icy wind channeled between the huge buildings in such speed, that it was clearly not up to me, which direction to take. I was freezing more badly then I did during this whole mild Berlin winter so far and soon came to give in my plans to stroll. This year’s Boston winter is talk of the town. I haven’t met anybody, who did not tell me about the immense snow fall (breaking the All Time Seasonal Snow Record just on sunday before my arrival). So compared to what the Boston citizens have been to the past months, it probably feels quite spring like already. This occurred to me, when I met a teenager in basketball shorts and tank top standing next to a heap of snow, a man jogging with no shirt along the riverside, many girls wearing sneakers with naked ankles and somebody with a half liter cup of coke (with ice, I assume). Squeezed into the T-line (metro) during the rush hour, as biking or walking is no alternative, I found Boston people a lot more cheerful, than I would expect the people in my home city in a similar situation. Maybe, besides the said american friendliness, it’s because they found some warmth.



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