day #5/6/7 – Women’s dinner & conference

Lots of input sometimes makes me silent. And it makes me a little sad, when it’s over. Like a junkie I immediately start to miss all the excitement, that was flickering around and in me before. The crystal clear aha-moments, I had, become nebulous or I seem not to remember then clearly anymore. This is frightening. It’s not too frightening anymore though, as it is not new to me. When you talk to people, or sometimes listen to talks, there sometimes are this magic moments, when something seems to become very lucid all of a sudden. And not only by reason, but also your body is responding to this, in resonance. It’s a pure optimistic inspiring feeling. (And you don’t necessarily have to share it with the person(s), who provoked it) Usually this doesn’t last to long for me. I’m probable not an enthusiast. (This maybe also keeps me definitely from being ideologically) But apart from this, I love all enthusiastic moments in my life! And even if it appears, they are not long-lasting (in the same intensity), I’m convinced these are the  most powerful motives to reconsider your attitudes and to find your own words for the things that matter to you. So I’ll definitely need some time to digest all this. But I’ll be back to write about it in my own words then…


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